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Nursing bottle caries is a type of tooth decay also known as early childhood caries/nursing bottle syndrome/rampant caries. In which Age Group, is Nursing Bottle Caries Usually Seen? Nursing bottle caries is usually seen in toddlers and infants. What are the Measures to be Taken to Prevent Nursing Bottle Caries? Educating the parents regarding the effects of early childhood caries and thereby preventing the tooth decay is important. The following steps are helpful in preventing nursing bottle caries: Precautions:- Avoid feeding milk while the child is asleep. Clean the child's mouth after feeding milk, juices, food etc. After giving milk to child, make the child drink water. Decrease the consumption of sugar of the child especially in between meals. Clean the baby's gums atleast once in a day using a wet gauze. After the eruption of child's teeth, brush them gently with a toothbrush with a small head and soft bristles. Avoid dipping pacifiers into honey or any other sweeting agents.
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